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Trend Research

Having started working in trend research nearly twenty years ago, we see it as being a misunderstood – yet absolutely vital – element of the marketing mix. If you Google us you can check out the trend articles for numerous consumer & business magazines, contributions to TV & radio programmes, the many quotes in the international press and in trend books by various excellent authors! (We really should have written a couple of those books ourselves, but work rather got in the way…)

Our approach is to utilise links built up over the past couple of decades with think-tanks, cultural experts, independent agencies, social activists and leading universities, etc. Bespoke trend research studies can then be put together; which range from sector analysis to strategic forecasting projects. Now this methodology is nothing new of course – but our pitch is basically to position ourselves as seriously experienced consultants who know where to look, and who then really help clients to action the results.

An example of this has been our work in highlighting the key factor of brands engaging in social issues – having started lecturing and writing on this subject in the 90′s. A completely obvious subject now (which is good!) this fundamental point for business has seen us researching CSR / Brand Purpose / Corporate Transparency (and helping brands actually DO something about these vital points) for many years…