Post-Truth Business


As mentioned in the intro, Sean’s book “The Post-Truth Business” will be published by Kogan Page in North America, the Middle East, Europe, SE Asia, Australia, China and South Africa in October.

The book discusses how brands are built on trust, but in a post-truth world, they’re faced with a serious challenge when so much of modern life is now defined by mistrust. A weakening of the vital trust connection between brands and consumers is causing enormous problems for businesses on an international basis. Linked to this, something has gone very wrong with a vital element of consumer engagement: authenticity often seems to be evaporating as a core brand pillar. The ramifications for brands in all sectors are deeply serious, when ‘reputation capital’ is of such immense importance; and if a brand isn’t trustworthy, then when choice is available, it’ll be rejected in favour of one that is.

We believe there is a golden opportunity for brands to take a more open, positive and socially-progressive approach. The Post-Truth Business therefore aims to illuminate a way forward for those wishing to rebuild brand authenticity in our distrusting world.

Should you wish to pre-order a copy (go on, you know you want to!) here’s a link to the publisher’s site: